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Article: Varun Bahl: As an Industry, We Have Started Moving Towards a More Contemporary and Experimental Space

Varun Bahl: As an Industry, We Have Started Moving Towards a More Contemporary and Experimental Space

If 2022 was a year of experiments in fashion, renowned couturier Varun Bahl looks forward to a celebration of innovative silhouettes and unusual colour schemes this year.

In an exclusive interview with News 18, the designer who loves exploring Indian crafts and embroideries in his collections is hoping the industry celebrates the legacy of India and its heritage as well as adapts to the rapidly changing style requirements to build a sustainable business.

The year 2022 saw the fashion industry come out of its slumber and take on challenges head-on. According to Varun Bahl, in spite of the difficult times due to the pandemic, 2022 has been a year where people wanted to get back on track. Varun who received immense love for this couture collection New Leaf, says, “The pandemic was a time of extreme difficulty for everyone, so 2022 has been all about getting back on track for everyone, including me. My New Leaf couture collection received immense love from people and I can’t wait to show you all what’s in store for 2023.”

For Varun, 2022 was a year of experimental silhouettes. After two years of challenges, minimal and light weddings, his brides and grooms were looking for looks that were innovative, and more unconventional than the usual silhouettes. Another moment that took centre stage in 2022, was physical shows and it was indeed a breath of fresh air post-pandemic. “I, for one, was very excited to have physical shows back in format after the pandemic. I have always loved showcasing our collections physically to my audience, giving us a chance to capture their reaction and make all-new memories with the same. After an extremely difficult period, Indian craftsmanship has definitely recovered well and taken the centre stage,” expresses Varun.